Big Bucks Bonanza

Big Buck$ FAQ

What is Big Buck$ Bonanza?

Big Bucks is the Bayport Fire Department's primary fundraising event.  The money gained from this event pays for the annual expenses of the Fire Department.  2000* tickets are sold throughout the year until they are sold out. 

How much does a ticket cost?

Each ticket costs $100*

What is the 1891 ticket?

Each ticket is numbered 0001 - 2000 with 1999 tickets sold.  Ticket number 1891 (in honor of the year we were founded) is raffled off for $1 on the day of the event to participants that are present.  The winner receives the 1891 ticket which is elegible for all prizes. 

How can I pay?

We accept cash, money order and personal checks.  

Do you accept credit cards?

Not at this time but we are working on it. 

Can I have more then one name on a ticket and split the ticket cost?

Yes however payment in full is due at the time of purchase.  You can have as many names on the ticket as possible but only one person will be issued a check if you win.  That person will be responsible for properly dividing the winnings among the other participants. 

What are the prizes?

Big bucks gives away the following prizes.

26- $500 prizes

20- $1000 prizes

1- $15,000 prize

1- $20,000 prize

1- $30,000 prize

1 - $50,000 prize

Your ticket number is is elegible for every prize.  Meaning, you can win mulitple times. 

Is my ticket purchase tax deductable?

Yes.  Your $100 donation to the Bayport Fire Department is tax deductable

Where is Big Bucks Held?

Big Bucks is held in May at the Bayport Fire Department park adjacet to the fire headquarters. (Click here for directions)

How long is the event?

Gates open at 2:00pm and the event is over at 5:00pm. Your ticket includes food and beverage and live entertainment. 

What kind of food and drinks are available?

Typically, Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Bratworst and/or Kielbasa.  Drinks include Sodas, Beer, Light beer and wine. 

How old do I need to be to particpate?

Purchasers and Attendees must be 21 years old.  There are no exceptions to this. 

What if I have a child or infant?

We suggest a babysitter.  You will not be permitted entry with anyone under 21 years old.  You may, however, sit on the fire district property adjacent from the park.  

Is there seating?

There is very limited seating.  We strongly urge you to bring chairs, picnic blankets and anything else to make your stay comfortable.

Where can I park?

Please keep in mind that this is an active fire station.  Please do not park your car where you may cause a disruption to responding vehicles. Handicap parking (with permit) is permitted to the rear of the fire station.  Guest parking is limited to Railroad Street, West of Snedecor Avenue, Snedecor Avenue South of the Firehouse, Railroad Street East of the Fire house and Bayport Ave south of the Railroad tracks. 

Do I have to report my winnings to the IRS?

For prizes over $500 the Big Buck$ committe will issue you a check with the proper taxes taken out.  Winners will be required to sign claim forms that are present.  Winners of the larger prizes must sign IRS forms that can be mailed back to the Big Bucks committee prior to recieving your check. 

What if I can't attend the event?

No problem.  Your tickets are still in the drawing. 

How are winners notified?

All winners who are not present at the day of the event will be notified by phone immediately following the event. A winners list will be posted on the Bayport Fire Department Webstie with links on Facebook and Twitter by no later then 7pm on the day of the event.  If your name and/or number is not listed, then you did not win.  There is no need to call the big bucks hotline to verify. 

I didn't recieve my ticket or I lost it, what do I do?

Simply call the Big Bucks Hotline at 631 472 2244 and leave us a message with your name and contact information.  We will re-issue you a new ticket.  If you can't find your ticket on the day of the event, proceed to the entry gate prior to the start and let them know you lost your ticket. We will reissue your ticket prior to entry. 

How many guests can I bring?

Each ticket permits the ticket holder and one guest (over the age of 21).

What if you don't sell all 2000 tickets?

While we have never had a problem in the past, in the unlikely event that big bucks does not sell out the following rules will apply.

If less than 2,000 tickets have been sold by 1:00 pm Sunday May 20, 2012 prizes equal to 74% of ticket receipts will be awarded as follows:
1st($50,000)prize=25% of available prize money
2nd($30,000)prize=15% of available prize money
3rd($20,000)prize=10% of available prize money
4th($15,000)prize=7.5% of available prize money
20($1,000)prizes=0.5% each of avail. prize money
26 ($500)prizes=0.25% each of avail. prize money

I sent in my ticket application with money but I was saw that Big Bucks was sold out.  Can I still get a ticket?

Unfortunately, once we have sold 1999 tickets the event is closed.  You will be given the option to reserve a ticket for the following year.   

When do ticket sales become available?

Ticket sales are available at the conclusion of that years Big Bucks with the exception of advanced ticket sales.  Advance ticket sales are open to anyone in attendance at Big Bucks. Upon entry guests are given the opportunity to purchase next years tickets.

Can I request a specific number?

Yes you can.  However, tickets are sold in the order received.  If the number requested is no available you will be issued the next available number. 

The above information, rules and regulations are subject to change.  Informaiton posted and/or issued by the Bayport Fire Department and/or Big Bucks Committee supersedes information on this website.  The website will be updated to reflect said changes upon notice to the sites administrator.  

If information posted on the winners list is incorrect, the official recording of the event supercedes information posted on this website. The Bayport Fire Department, Big Bucks committee, Bayport Fire District nor the site administrator is not responsible for incorrect information posted on this website.  



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